Using Payment ID Using Payment ID

Aiming at development of its electronic services, searching for target markets, extension of geographical limits of its activities and provision of innovative services, Bank Maskan has launched money transfer service through Card/Account ID by ATMs of Bank Maskan and money transfer system using Payment ID (from one account to another account) through Maskan; internet Bank.

Concerning the fact that modern banking industry covers a widespread of beneficiaries, and for more desirable business management and development of such business for organizations and companies with collection of specific sums of money from their customers in different ways, Bank Maskan has launched this system so that target customers (large companies (insurance and distribution companies), organizations, ministries, institutions, schools, universities, and charity foundations) may refer to the branches of Bank Maskan and conclude a memorandum of understanding for collection of sums of money through payment ID. Hence, business owners may identify transferors of money and classify and mark payments to their account so that it is really easy to track their payments accordingly.

Customers may refer to one of the branches of Bank Maskan and make their account or card identified (having an ID). After registration of request for having the said ID for their account or card, the customers may use the corresponding Payment ID in money transfer service through ATM or Maskan; internet Bank..

It should be noted that in case the account or card of destination does not have such ID, money transferor is able to carry out money transfer operation to the account of transferee using an agreed payment ID. However, if the account or card of destination has a unique payment ID, money transferor may enter the corresponding unique Payment ID to his account or card. Otherwise, the system does not allow the transferor to conclude transfer operation.

It should be noted that using Payment ID at ATM and internet bank is made on the condition that the account of origin and that of destination are of Bank Maskan.


Using Payment ID at ATM:

Customer as money transferor will enter his card into ATM and then choose the option of “Money transfer” or “payment of installments” and then he will choose the option of “money transfer with Payment ID”. After the account of destination and the amount are entered, Payment ID of the account of destination will be given and the customer ends the corresponding transaction.


Using Payment ID in Maskan Internet Bank

Customers may enter the Maskan Internet Bank using their specific ID and password and use money transfer, maskan to maskan transfer and then accomplish money transfer transaction in single/group form/SATNA and PAYA after the account of origin and that of destination are chosen and the corresponding amount and Payment ID of the respective account are entered.