Safe deposit box Safe deposit box

  1. All natural and legal entities may benefit from a bank safe deposit box in case of holding one of the different accounts with branches of Bank Maskan. In case of request for benefiting from bank safe deposit box exceeds the existing capacity, the customers who have sufficient fund to meet their financial obligations shall enjoy priority to benefit from these services.
  2. Using the bank safe deposit box is personal and it cannot be transferred to other parties. Only the person who rents the said box is authorized to use the bank safe deposit box unless the customer has assigned right of using the said boxes to his/her attorney.
  3. For illiterate and blind applicants and other individuals who are not able to do their personal and legal affairs alone, they must be accompanied by a trusted person to attend to their legal affairs and to read the contents of contract.
  4. Amount of rent of the bank safe deposit box is fixed and received in cash for one year. Moreover, a certain amount will be deposited with the bank. Deposit of customer with the bank will be refunded to him/her upon termination or cancellation of contract and deduction of probable dues.

War veterans, martyrs’ families and staff of Bank Maskan may benefit from 50% leniency of rental fee and deposit of the bank safe deposit box.

  1. Bank safe deposit boxes have been designed in consideration of demand of customers in different sizes so that any kinds of valuable objects and documents will be kept in the said boxes.
  2. In order to use the bank safe deposit boxes, amount of deposit and rent of one year which differs in proportion of size of the box (large, average and small), are received.
  3. Extension of rent of bank safe deposit boxes is possible at the request of the customer and further agreement of the bank.


Note 1- It is necessary for the objects kept with the bank safe deposit boxes are not of forbidden types and they do not cause damage on the bank safe deposit boxes due to being spoiled or any other reasons.

Note 2- At time of transfer of the bank safe deposit boxes, one or two key/s will be handed over to the lessee of the box. It is required that the customer keep the keys of the bank safe deposit boxes separately so that in case of loss of one of the keys, it will be possible for him/her to access to another key.

Note 3- Owners of the bank safe deposit boxes will refer to their boxes only during office working hours of the bank.


Joint bank safe deposit boxes:

Aiming at provision of services to the customers and owners of the  bank safe deposit boxes, rent of joint bank safe deposit boxes to applicants is possible. Hence, joint bank safe deposit boxes and/or conversion of individual boxes to joint one is possible by observing the following criteria:

  1. Complete particulars of the entire lessees will be given in lease contract of box and sample form of applicants to benefit from the bank safe deposit box. 
  2. Manner of agreement of lessees with respect to referral to and using the bank safe deposit boxes, extension, and/or cancellation of contract individually (severally) or jointly, in the annex form to the contract and lease regulations of the box by the lessees will be drawn up and signed by any of partner.
  3. In case legal entities are applying for rent of the joint bank safe deposit boxes, the particulars should be explicitly indicted in the articles of association of legal entities.
  4. Joint bank safe deposit boxes cannot be let by lessees to another party by granting right of representation.
  5. Rent of the bank safe deposit boxes on joint basis is only possible among “relatives” (parents, sisters, brothers, spouse and children). 


Necessary documents for rent of the bank safe deposit boxes

  • Natural entities
  • Application form;
  • Three pieces of color photos (3 x 4 cm) (of passport type ) and one piece of photo of the probable lawyer;
  • Original copy and photocopy of the entire pages of birth certificate of the applicant and his/her probable lawyer;
  • Original copy and photocopy of the applicant’s National ID card and that of his/her lawyer;
  • Study and signing the lease contract;
  • Annex form to contract and regulations of rent of the box (for joint bank safe deposit boxes);


  • Legal Entities
  • Submission of certified copy of the company’s articles of association;
  • Official Gazette indicating the authorized signatories of the company;
  • Particulars of authorized signatories;
  • Official Gazette indicating the last changes registered for the company;
  1. Independent branch in Tehran;
  2. Tajrish branch in Tehran;
  3. Tohid branch in Tehran;
  4. Karim Khan Zand branch in Tehran;
  5. Central Branch in Bandar Abbas;
  6. Central Branch in Mashhad;
  7. Central Branch in Kermanshah;
  8. Central Branch in Rasht;
  9. Central Branch in Hamedan;
  10. Central Branch in Kerman
  11. Central Branch in Sary;
  12. 17 Shahrivar Branch in Semnan;
  13. Central Branch in Zahedan;
  14. Mohtashem Branch in Kashan;
  15. Central Branch in Kish;
  16. Central Branch in Arak;
  17. Central Branch in Yasuj;
  18. Nahar Khoran Branch in Gorgan;
  19. Safaieh Branch in Yazd;
  20. Central Branch in Esfahan;
  21. Central Branch in Birjand;


Modified Date1398/5/2- 8:2

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