Refund procedures of loan facilities Refund procedures of loan facilities

Dear Customers,

Benefiting from modern technologies of electronic banking, Bank Maskan has provided you with a variety of means to refer to the branch granting the loan facilities and submit the loan facilities card or by conversion of installments booklet to loan facilities card and benefit from the same within shortest time and without waste of time during the 24 hours every day.

In-Person ways for payment of installments

Branch Terminal

Submitting your installments card, you are able to settle your installments across all branches of Bank Maskan through the booths equipped with savings and core loan facilities system. Moreover, beneficiaries of loan facilities of Bank Maskan may submit the corresponding cards connected to SHETAB and pay their installments through booths equipped with Pinpad system which is presently installed at all branches of Bank Maskan.



Holders of loan facilities card, if they have the cards connected to SHETAB and pay their installments through all ATMs connected to the said system through “Money Transfer” menu and/or by referring to all ATMs of Bank Maskan and choosing “Payment of Installments” menu. 


Kiosk Bank

Holders of loan facilities card, if they have the cards connected to SHETAB, are able to pay their installments through all kiosk banks installed at selected branches of Bank Maskan.

Non-personal ways of payment of installment

Due to great importance attached to duly refund of loan facilities and not being charged with fines thereof, you are provided with various non-personal means of payment of your installments. From among the advantages of these means, we may refer to easy access of the said means during 24 hours, no need for personal at branches of Bank Maskan in person, prevention of waste of time and cost and eventually peace of mind for customers.

Core Telephone Bank

You may register at branch through phone number +98-21-64096 and choose the option of “Payment of installment” and then pay your installments  through your Maskan Card or account.

Internet Bank

After registration at branch and receipt of an ID and password in printed form, you may immediately refer to internet system of the Bank available at and pay your installments through your account or card.


Mobile Bank

One of other ways to pay the installments is to use Mobile System of Bank Maskan. After registration at branch and installation of the corresponding application through site of Bank Maskan, you are able to pay your loan installments in this way.

Constant Payment of Loan Installments

Presently, at internet system of Bank Maskan and through service of request for regular many orders, available at “Deposit Services” menu, it is possible to register your request for regular payment of installments within fixed time intervals and repetition times. From among the advantages of this method compared to other ways, we may point out management of duly payment of installments and no need for repeated referral to branches for installments on due dates. This will prevent delay of installments and no fine will be calculated and charged either.  

Presently, through non-personal means, it is possible to view and to become aware of status of loan facilities card including principal amount of loan, remaining debt, due date of the first installment, amount of fine, amount of installment, etc.

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