Recipients of Store Terminals Recipients of Store Terminals

Characteristics of Stationary and Mobile Store Terminals of Bank Maskan:

  • Installation, training and backup on monthly basis and free of charge;
  • Payment of sums of money to the account of recipient using two ways  based on the cycle indicated by SHAPARAK Company during the 24 hours;
  • High speed and low telephone cost due to connection provincial 1E lines;
  • Change in account number connected to the POS as requested by the recipient;
  • Updating the information of recipients if probable changes are made in type of guild, office or home address of the recipient and type and serial number of the device;
  • Organizing encouragement plans, festivals and lotteries for owners of POS within certain intervals as indicated by the PSP companies parties to contract


Facilities of Stationary and Mobile Store Terminals of Bank Maskan:

  • Acceptance of types of SHETAB Cards (for purchase);
  • Payment of types of bills (water, electricity, telephone, mobile phone and gas);
  • Obtaining card balance;
  • Obtaining the details of transactions concluded through POS;
  • Purchase of ordinary charge and Top Up charge for credit SIM cards (Hamrah-e-Aval, Irancell and Talia);
  • Payment of installments of Bank Maskan;
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