Maskan Card Maskan Card

Dear customers:

Emphasizing on the role and importance of electronic banking and in order to expedite provision of banking services, Maskan Card is  presented to you.

Using Maskan Card without any need of physical transfer of cash sum within the shortest time and at any time for 24 hours even in holidays, you may benefit from the advantages of this card.


Do you know what advantages and facilities are provided by Maskan Card for you?

  • Receipt of sum of money from all ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) members of SHETAB (Interbank Information Transfer Network) up to IRR 2,000,000.00 for 24 hours;
  • Money transfer to the accounts connected to SHETAB  through ATMs, terminals of Bank Maskan branches, internet payment systems of Bank Maskan, telephone bank and mobile bank;
  • Purchase of goods and services through all POSs, members of SHETAB;
  • Payment of utility bills of water, electricity, gas, landline and cell phone through ATMs, internet payment system, telephone bank and mobile bank;
  • Being informed of account balance and receipt of statement of the last ten turnovers through all ATMs, internet payment system, telephone bank and mobile bank;
  • Being informed of balance and receipt of statement and last three turnover in mobile bank;
  • Payment of installments of loan facilities received from Bank Maskan through all cards and ATMs of Bank Maskan, members of SHETAB (if the recipients of loan facilities hold Maskan Card of facilities);
  •  Purchase of charge of Hamrah Aval, Talia and Irancel cards through store terminals of Bank Maskan;
  • Benefiting from card-free withdrawal system through internet bank and ATMs of Bank Maskan;


How do applicants receive Maskan Card?

You may refer to one of the branches of Bank Maskan, submit the required documents and  request for opening one of short-term investment, deposit, interest-free savings and current interest free accounts for issuance of Maskan Card.

Maskan card will be submitted to you in classified form and in a sealed envelope with password and validation ID. In order to use Maskan Card through ATMs or sales terminals, it is necessary to remember the card password. You may change your password through ATMs or terminals of branches.

Note:  If you open short-term investment deposit account, you will be able to receive Maskan Card as well as certain interest equivalent of short-term investment deposit interest. In case you open savings interest-free account, you will participate in lottery of these accounts. Moreover, if you open current interest-free account, you may obtain check books and other services of this account.


Guideline for obtaining internet password of Maskan Card:

In order to obtain the internet password, you may refer to one of ATMs of Bank Maskan ad to indicate and to register your internet password as follows:

  1. Insert your card and enter your password. Then, enter a four-digit password, the menu of “password change” is displayed.
  2. After choosing the aforesaid menu, the option of “Assigning or changing the internet password” will be displayed on LCD of the ATM.


Note: Password of the card is the routine password for using the card in real terminals such as ATM or Pin Pad and POS. Internet password refers to the password used in virtual terminals such as telephone bank, internet bank and mobile bank. The aforesaid password is  at least a five-digit number that is used only when you use your card number (not account number) to enter the system.


       3.After choosing the aforesaid menu, the phrase “Please enter your new password”. The customer will choose a five to twelve-digit number and then push the “registration” key. Pushing the aforesaid key, the phrase “Please reenter your new password” is displayed. The customer will reenter the 5 to 12-digit number indicated in the last stage and push the “registration” key. At this stage, a printed receipt may be issued indicating expiration date and CVV2 of the card.


Significant points in handling the Maskan card:

  1. Your Maskan Card is an electronic card and it should not be bent since it has a magnetic tape. Moreover, if you put the said card adjacent to metal or sharp objects or the devices with magnetic field such as cell phone, magnet and/or electronic devices or exposure to direct sunlight and sun radiation may damage the said card.
  2. Bear password of your Maskan Card in mind and avoid writing down the said password on the card or keeping the said code with the card itself.
  3. If you forget the password of your Maskan Card, you may refer to one of the branches of Bank Maskan to obtain a new password.
  4. In case you enter wrong password for three times, your Maskan Card will be deactivated and seized by the ATM. In this case, you may refer to the corresponding branch to receive your card by submitting identity confirmation documents.
  5. Please avoid release of password or transfer of your Maskan card to other persons. Otherwise, you are assumed responsible for misuse of your card and any damage caused due to release of you ID number or transfer of the said card.
  6. In case of inclination to use internet or telephone bank services, you should obtain an internet password for your Maskan card by referring to ATMs, kiosk or terminals of branches of Bank Maskan.
  7. In case your card is gone missing or stolen or strangers access to your card, you may refer to the closest branches of Bank Maskan during office hours as soon as possible and inform the same of loss or theft of your card. Moreover, you should contact the corresponding bank by telephone of customer services (+98-21-61088) and inform of the same of inactivation of your card. Then, you should refer to one of the branches of Bank Maskan in the first working days and request for cancellation or reactivation of your Maskan Card.

For comfort of customers, it is possible to block the missing card through  mobile bank. Moreover, the customers may act upon blocking or registration of their request for issuance of duplicate card through internet to be obtained at concerned branch.

      8.In case you delay to receive your Maskan Card or cash sum requested due to any reason, Maskan Card or cash sum will be returned to the ATM accordingly.

      9.In case you enter CVV2 code wrongly for three times, your card will be deactivated and it will be automatically activated after 24 hours.

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