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Dear customers,

Aiming at development of electronic banking system, Bank Maskan has launched its e-banking system to provide more desirable services for you.

Using this system, you may access to all of your core accounts at Bank Maskan during 24 hours easily at home or workplace and benefit from the services of this system accordingly.

Internet site address of Bank Maskan is available at Moreover,  Bank Maskan Internet has obtained SSL that enables the customers to carry out the bank operations in a safe environment.


Activation stage of Internet Bank

  • In order to benefit from internet banking services, you may refer to one of the branches of Bank Maskan and request for obtaining an ID and password to enter the system.
  • ID and password will be given to you in printed form after registration.
  • In order to promote security and reliability level for customers, upon entrance at internet bank system or at time of conclusion of operation, you may use the generated password by OTP (One Time Password). In order to obtain OPT device, you may refer to one of the branches of Bank Maskan and request for OPT device and connection of the said device in concerned ID or account/Card at internet bank and then you will obtain the OTP device and its password.
  • In case of inclination of using account-based service, you may obtain the account password activated at internet bank system from the branch user (in printed form) or you may request for allocating an OTP device to the account (for issuance of one-time password by this device in account transaction).
  • In case an OTP device is allocated to the account or the card, maximum amount of transactions for money transfer at internet bank system will be increased.
  • After completion of these stages, you may connect to internet through your PC and access to the system in one of the two following ways:
  • Referring to Bank Maskan site at and click on the link “Entrance at electronic banking site” and choose the system;
  • Direct referral to the address given as;


Types of services of Internet Bank System:

Types of services provided by Internet Bank System are given as follows:

Deposit Services:

  • List of accounts;
  • Display of list of accounts;
  •  Display of IBAN for each account;
  • Display of balance of each account;
  • Separation of accounts based on type of account profile;
  • Updating the account balance;
  • Obtaining the bank statement;
  • Obtaining account password;
  • Obtaining/not-obtaining the password;
  • Edition of name of account;


  • Opening an account;


Card Services

  • List of cards
  • Display of list of cards;
  • Display of main account number for each card;
  • Display of balance for each account;
  • Separation of cards based on type of cards;
  • Updating card balance;
  • Obtaining bank statements;
  • Display of accounts connected to the card;
  • Connection/disconnection  of account;
  • Change in default account of card;
  • Extension/request for duplicate card;
  • Blocking the card;
  • Edition of name of card;


  • Gift Card
  • Card-free Withdrawal
  • Issuance of card-free withdrawal receipt;
  • Cancellation of card-free withdrawal receipt;
  • View of list of card-free withdrawal receipts;


  • List of card requests


Money Transfer Services:

  • Maskan to Maskan transfer
  • Transfer of sum of individual account;
  • Transfer of sum of group account;
  • Saving highly repeated account transactions;
  • Transfer of card sum;
  • Saving highly repeated card transactions;


  • Transfer of SATNA sum
  • Transfer of individual SATNA sum;
  • Transfer of group SATNA sum;
  • Saving SATNA highly repeated transactions;


  • Transfer of PAYA sum
  • Transfer of individual PAYA sum;
  • Transfer of group PAYA sum;
  • Transfer of highly repeated PAYA transactions;


  • Regular money orders
  • List of regular money orders;
  • Request for regular money orders;
  • Details of regular money orders;
  • Omission of regular money orders; 


  • Loan facilities services
  • List of loan facilities;
  • List of loan facilities account/card;
  • View of bank statement;
  • Bank Statement
  • Payment of installment
  • Payment of installment of others;


  • Calculation of housing loan facilities for the Youth
  • Calculation of interest of loan facilities;
  • Payment of installment


Check Services

  • List of checks
  • View of list of checks;
  • Confirmation of check amount;
  • Blocking the check;
  • Records of check;


  • Requesting for issuance of check book



  • Bank Statement
  • Total statement of card/account
  • SATNA Report;
  • PAYA report;
  • Statement of payment of subsidy to card/account;
  • Statement of bills paid using card/account;
  • Statement of money transfer to card/account;
  • Statement of purchase of charge;


  • Monthly report
  • Periodic report
  • Diagram of financial turnover
  • Report on events



Work Folder:

  • Work folder
  • Management of roles (definition of role)
  • Management of users (definition of user)
  • Work process (definition of work process)


Payment Services

  • Payment of a group of bill (using bill ID and payment ID)
  • Charge services
  • Direct charge (Irancell and Hamrah-e-Aval)
  • Charge card (Irancell, Talia, Rightel and Hamrah-e-Aval)


  • Extension of USSD OTP Service
  • Electronic toll collection lable(ETC)
  • Display of list of labels;
  • Display of balance for each label;
  • Display of label status;
  • Display of automobile plate if any;
  • Updating the label;
  • Display of label information
  • lable charge
  • Transfer of charge;
  • Inactivation
  • Blocking the label;
  • Activation of label;
  • Purchase of label;
  • Charge of label of others;


Other Services

  • Reprint of receipt
  • Personal information booklet
  • Saving personal information (name, surname, cell phone and email for each person), cash card, card/account of loan facilities of Bank Maskan, account No., IBAN, serial number of ETC label
  • Message boxes


Other items:

  • Search (searching the services based on keywords)
  • Profile
  • user information (edition of username and password)
  • General information (personal information of user with customer code at bank)


  • Set ups
  • Setups of home page (How to display the finacial turnover diagram, notes, last events in home page by the user);
  • Introducing highly used and new services

System login

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