Corporate Banking Corporate Banking

Bank Maskan has provided internet bank services for natural entities and corporates.

Facilities of Corporate Internet Banking System

  • View of list of legal accounts and legal current accounts;
  • Definition of subgroup users;
  • Definition of access levels for subgroup users;
  • Establishment of workflow;
  • View of list of workflow process step by step;


Kinds of Corporate Internet Banking System Services:

  • View of balance of account;
  • View of statement (General statement, payment of subsidy,paid bills and money transfer);
  • Internal money transfer;
  • SATNA/PAYA money transfer;
  • Group money transfer (Internal, SATNA/PAYA, Card/Account of loan facilities);
  • Payment of bills using bill and payment ID;
  • Payment of installments;
  • Check services (View of details of current account, temporary blocking the check, view of check status and request for issuance of checkbook);
  • SATNA/PAYA report;
  • Operation basket;


How to use Corporate Internet Banking Services:

  • All authorized signatories of the company or legal representative may refer to one of the branches of Bank Maskan and complete the respective forms and receive ID, password, and account password for any of authorized signatories.
  • In case any of authorized signatories have received an ID and password from the internet bank portal, they may use the previous ID and password.
  • For financial operation, workflow should be defined.
  • In order to promote the level of security and assurance for customers while entering the internet bank system or at time of carrying out the operation, one may use the password generated by OTP device. In case an OTP device is assigned to an account, maximum amount of transaction for the corresponding account will be increased. In case legal customers request for using an OTP device for their legal account, the entire authorized signatories should use the OTP device for carrying out the corresponding operation with the said account and separate OTP devices will be assigned to any of authorized signatories accordingly.
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