Cardless Withdrawal Service Cardless Withdrawal Service

Card-Free Withdrawal Service:

Due to progresses made in provision of bank services across state banks and in consideration of great importance attached to concentration on provision of modern services to meet full satisfaction of customers, for the first time in the nation and in order to achieve this great goal, Bank Maskan has launched “Card-Free Withdrawal Service”. Using this system, customers are able to withdraw from ATMs of Bank Maskan without their card.

In order to use this service, customers who have Maskan Card, may go through one of the three procedures stipulated hereunder:

  • ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  • After the customer enters his Maskan Card and four-digit password, he chooses the menu of “Charge and other services” and then, he chooses the option of “Card-free Withdrawal Services” by entering the amount, cell phone number of recipient, amount and optional password up to 12 digits,   and establishes a Card-free Withdrawal receipt and then it is texted to the cell phone entered above.
  • Kiosk
  • Establishment of Card-Free Withdrawal receipt on kiosks of Bank Maskan is similar to the method used in ATMs and it is possible through the menu of “Card-Free Withdrawal”.
  • Internet Portal
  • After the customer enters the corresponding page, he may refer to card menu and choose the option of “Issuance of Card-Free Withdrawal Receipt” going through the same stages at ATM.
  • Withdrawal of sum of money
  • Recipient of sum of money refers to one of ATMs of Bank Maskan, Card-free system and choose the menu of “Card-Free Services” and then “Card-Free Withdrawal”, enter the receipt number and the corresponding password specified by the person who has created the receipt and then he may withdraw the concerned amount at one or several stage/s.


  • This service is active only for recipients of Maskan Card whose card can be used for money transfer and receipt of money only by referring to ATMs of Bank Maskan.
  • Each customer may establish Card-free withdrawal receipt three times every day for up to IRR 2,000,000.00.
  • Ticket holders and the corresponding password may use this service and receive maximum amount of IRR 2,000,000.00 as cash sum from ATM up to three times every day.

 Prior to the first withdrawal, the person creating the receipt may refer to one of the ATMs or kiosks of Bank Maskan or to use the Maskan  internet Bank  and enter the corresponding card for which Card-free Withdrawal

receipt has been created. Then, he may enter the cell number indicated and tracking code printed on the customer’s receipt and cancel the corresponding receipt and pay the amount of receipt to the account connected to the respective card.

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